The Demons of the Wisemen” is based on the true stories of the Wiseman family during prohibition, the KKK, the beginning of movie making, Chicago gangsters, the stock market crash, the depression, the dust bowl, and baseball. It is … “Americana” at its best. 

Amazon – Demons of The Wisemen


One Angel’s Opinion: Volume I: Auroran’s Declaration Suspend disbelief and enter the world of angels. What is heaven like? What do angels do? Venture back to “Before the Beginning” and watch what happens when mankind is added to the equation. Join the hosts of angels as Heaven comes alive with plots, intrigue, and rebellion, all of which are invisible to the world of man. The Laws of Heaven and Earth override the events of men and angels and cannot be broken. They are the foundations upon which the heavens are founded. As with all laws, there are dire consequences for breaking these laws – and Satan believes God has broken his own laws.

Amazon – One Angel’s Opinion: Volume I: Auroran’s Declaration

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