Timeline 11 BC – 20 BC Dedication of Herod’s Temple

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  2. The term “BC” indicates the year(s) Before the Birth of Jesus.
YearEvents and Comment
Prior Timeline BC 1 – 10 BC

11 BC

11 BC: The inauguration of Caesarea Maritima (one of Herod the Great’s building projects: an entire city, now an Israeli National Park) aka Strato’s Tower, presented a marvelous spectacle, rivaled only by the final dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem a year earlier.

Image result for ancient Strato's Tower

Year 17 of Augustus’ Rule
Augustus Caesar
Image result for Augustus caesar

12 BC

12 BC: Final dedication of the Temple
Herod’s Temple:
Image result for Herod's temple

Year 16 of Augustus’ Rule

13 BC

~13 BC: Herod accused Alexandros and Aristobulus, his sons from his marriage to the first Mariamne, of threatening his life. Augustus himself intervened to forestall their trial, but by 7 BC, they had been convicted and executed.

Year 15 of Augustus’ Rule

14 BC

Year 14 of Augustus’ Rule

15 BC

Year 13 of Augustus’ Rule

16 BC

Year 12 of Augustus’ Rule

17 BC

Year 11 of Augustus’ Rule

18 BC

Year 10 of Augustus’ Rule

19 BC

Year 9 of Augustus’ Rule

Simon Boethus is executed by Herod the Great in 19 BC. Simon Boethus was the High Priest who reigned in the year of Joseph and Mary’s betrothal. He was the 60th High Priest. Herod had also executed Cleopatra of Jerusalem’s first husband Prince Jacob ben Matthan who was in line to the Davidic throne. It was Herod the Great who arranged for her marriage to High Priest Simon IV Boethus (served 23 BC – 19 BC). Herod subsequently married her for her political status. It is believed she was the daughter in utero of Cleopatra VII of Jerusalem when Julius Caesar was assassinated.


20 BC

High Priest Simon IV Boethus (served 23 BC – 19 BC)

20/19 BC: Herod rebuilt the Jewish temple on a more magnificent scale. (Jewish Encyclopedia)
Image result for Herod's temple

Year 8 of Augustus’ Rule
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Timeline 11 BC – 20 BC

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