Timeline BC Veracity

“Why is the bible called ‘stories’ and not “history”?”

Evidently, according to educational scholars there must be a conflict, or surely the bible would be an integral part of textbook history.

On the other hand, if the biblical dates are not in conflict with history, then maybe there is something supernatural in God’s message to man.

The BC Timeline documents every historical event with a specific year including the genealogies in the bible back to Adam and Eve. As it turned out, no conflicts appeared. In fact, just the opposite. The two merged quite beautifully.

In fact, biblical history prior to the birth of Christ is more prolific in its dating than other ancient documents.

There was one more test. Will the years from one biblical event to another biblical event also add up?

The answer again is a perfect yes.

Since the building of this timeline, it has been verified repeatedly with new discoveries. It has measured up in every possible direction. The biblical Timeline BC is like a plumb line for all history, answering some interesting questions along the way.

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