God’s History: The BC Timeline

Miraculously, God’s Word, the bible, gives an age for every father at the son’s birth and becomes a treasure chest used for dating an accurate timeline back to creation. Every book of the bible ties the timeline together, weaving it without error.

Where is the conflict between secular “history” and biblical “stories”?

The timeline not only documents biblical events but dated events from all other sources. To date, there are no conflicts.

Ultimately, reality is What God says it is: the embodiment of absolute, unalterable, Truth.

Scripture is supernatural. In one verse, an inspired truth can leave the reader perplexed, yet, a clue to its meaning can be discovered in another book of the Bible.

For a pittance of a subscription price, this research is shared with the reader in order to keep the website maintained. Please do not neglect subscribing believing its low price is a sign of its value. The value is priceless, giving the reader access to God’s BC Timeline, Genealogy Charts, Answers to Knotty Biblical Questions, and in depth Topics.

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