My Testament of Faith and Identity:

ONE: I am a terrible sinner who, out of insecurity, arrogance, and self-blindness, with many good intentions, have hurt many people I purported to love. My standard prayer is “God, teach me HOW to love.” I’ve learned there is no love in any relationship without some kind of sacrifice or giving up self for another person. It doesn’t take much to look around and see there is something terribly wrong with this world in its chaos, murder, and lawlessness. I call it man’s sin nature born from his rebellion away from God. To quote CS Lewis “Let’s pray that the human race never escapes Earth to spread its (virus of) iniquity elsewhere.” If there is anyone who I have offended, I ask for forgiveness. Unfortunately, I did not grow up learning those social graces that I admire in so many others. Too many times I relied on my mind instead of on my heart and trampled all over many of you.

TWO: I believe we cannot cure man’s spiritual problems with secular answers. We’ve tried it for the entire history of the human race and it hasn’t worked yet. There are not enough laws that can be written to make us good people unless they are written on our heart. Laws should not be written to make to make men happy; they should be written to make us good citizens in a healthy society.

THREE: I believe God’s cure for our offensiveness was for Him to pinch off a part of Himself, have Him be born a man and neutralize our sin with his perfect, sinless blood. It was Jesus himself who said that well known verse “For God so loved the world he gave (sacrificed) His only begotten Son (pinched off “Self”), that whoever believes in Him (his purpose and his identity) will not perish but have everlasting life.”

FOUR: I believe man was created with an “Immortal Gene” to live forever with cells that constantly regenerate. When man sinned all over God’s kingdom, that gene was turned off.

FIVE: I believe Jesus not only died as a neutralizer for man’s sins but rose from the dead on the third day as the scriptures claim. Every one of his disciples (with at least the exception of Judas and maybe John the beloved) died a martyr’s death. They would never have died for a lie. They witnessed His miracles, His death, and His resurrection. He did it with a song of thanksgiving because of His Love.

SIX: I believe Jesus was born of a virgin. He was crucified by the wrath of the Pharisees for claiming to be God, born of a virgin. If He wasn’t born of a virgin, all his mother Mary had to do to get her son off the cross was to step up and tell everyone she lied, that she wasn’t a virgin. But, instead, she wept at the foot of the cross. The Pharisees were keenly aware of the rumors surrounding Mary’s pregnancy. They told Jesus “WE are sons of Abraham. WE weren’t born in fornication!” At which Jesus, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, replied “Every sin will be forgiven men except the sin against the Holy Spirit, not in this life or in the next.” In other words, not believing in the identity and purpose of Jesus is the unforgiveable sin.

SEVEN: I believe we have to go to God on His terms, not on our own terms. I don’t believe in many paths to God. Jesus, while He was still alive said He was THE way, THE truth, and THE life. That no one goes to God the Father except through Him. From man’s way of thinking His statements are narrow minded. But from God’s viewpoint, His statement is loving, generous, and sacrificial. Jesus knew all along what His purpose was and told his disciples many times that he was going to go to Jerusalem and be given up to die on a cross, but they never “got it.”

EIGHT: I believe we are, for the most part, blind to our own sins, but really good at seeing the sin in others.

NINE: For those who know me I have spent the last thirteen or fourteen years studying nothing but God’s Word – day and night. Lee would go to bed and I would tell him I would be right behind him – only to have him wake in the morning and have me still pouring over scripture. I have come to the conclusion that there is no discrepancy in scripture. Translators may make errors but God’s Word is inerrant. It has everything needed to communicate absolute Truth. Furthermore, there are no discrepancies in Biblical history and secular history. I made a timeline and documented every genealogy in the Bible and documented the years. I compared it to every history book written and added every historical fact only to have them meld together perfectly.

See BC Timeline
Note: You will have to Download once on this page, then scroll up and down to see the entirety of man’s BC history.

If anyone has any questions about any part of the Bible, please ask and I would love to share incredible research and insights, but it is up to the Spirit of Truth to convey the immeasurable Love of God. I’ve pondered every mysterious verse and been given answers that satisfy my heart and mind. The more one knows God’s character – the more everything makes sense. I am who I am by what I believe about the world around me and the Creator who both made me and loves me.

TEN: I believe the “age of grace” is rapidly coming to a close (end) after studying prophecies of scripture. Just like Noah’s ark, that door will soon be shut forever. We live in a “Perfect Storm” of end age prophecies. I believe Israel is God’s time clock in all these prophecies. I believe we are near the end of the age of the gentiles and God is once again turning His full attention to the Jews. I believe the world, but not believers, is at the doorstep of entering “Daniel’s 70th week.” (No one needs to agree or disagree with me on these prophecies but I guarantee I can make a great case for them.) Whether anyone agrees or not, God is all about His love for His creation, and no one should be offended because of that supernatural love. Sin has its own consequences but it is the joy of God to cure that sin.

I believe God still has many surprises He has not yet revealed. Trust Him!

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