Topic: Dignity vs Pride

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Dignity is man’s umbilical cord to God who created all men equal. Each person is unique in his God-given gifts and talents. Each soul is equally valuable to God.

Dignity is never to be confused with pride. Pride is being more than who God made you to be. The truth is, you can never be more than that, because God made you priceless.

A Short Fable by Barbara Grover:

A bunny rabbit suddenly encountered a hungry coyote. The coyote had every intention of having his “happy meal” very soon.”You don’t understand!” the bunny explained, “I learned in class from my teacher, Mrs. Kyo-Teaz, I can identify as a lion….grrrr,” the little rabbit squeaked and held his ground instead of running with the legs God gave him. The coyote pounced on the bunny, filled his stomach and went on his way satisfied. The moral of the story is this: It doesn’t matter what you identify with IF YOU AIN’T IT…. YOU WILL BE EATEN ALIVE.

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