Topic: Jesus as the Passover Lamb

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The leaders were testing Him, examining His teachings for spot or blemish on the exact same days, Nisan 11 through Nissan 13, as the lamb selected for the Passover lamb was being inspected for spot or blemish in the temple on those very same days.

Jesus as the Passover Lamb is undergoing every directive God gave the Jews for the Passover Lamb in the Old Testament that was selected for the Jewish feast “Passover”. He enters Jerusalem the same day the Passover lamb is selected. He is examined for spot or blemish the same days God directed they were to inspect the lamb. The lamb is slaughtered on Nisan 14, the same day Jesus is “slaughtered” or crucified.

Then, like Jonah, Jesus is entirely swallowed up by the earth when he is buried. In the same way the Jews were directed to “eat” the entire lamb.

BELOW: The days of Jesus’ events on His crucifixion week.

Below: The Roman and Jewish Calendar where a Jewish new day begins at sun set.

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