Biblical Comparisons: Joseph and Jesus

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1He was loved by his father
(Genesis 37:3)
He was the beloved Son of the Father (Matthew 3:17)
2He suffered as a servant (Genesis 37:2)He was called the suffering servant (Zechariah 3:8, Isaiah 42:1)
3He was loved and exalted above his brethren (Genesis 37:3)He was loved and exalted above the brethren (Hebrews 1:9)
4He was hated by his brothers because he had a dream of ruling over them (Genesis 37:4,8)He was hated because one day He will be ruling and reigning over all
(John 7:3, Luke 19:4)
5He was rejected by his brothers
(Genesis 37:4)
His own rejected Him, “they received Him not” (John 1:11)
6Hatred for him grew worse
(Genesis 37:4-5,8)
Hatred for Him grew progressively worse throughout His ministry
(Matt Mark Luke John)
7He was “likened” to a sheaf of wheat” (Genesis 37:7)He is the “first head of grain” in the wave/sheaf offering (Leviticus 23:11-12) The rest of the sheaf is composed of the tombs of the saints that were opened after His resurrection.
8Joseph is like the First Fruit in a sheaf in that his “arose”Jesus is the First Fruit of those who rose from the dead and is part of the sheaf (wave) offering.
9Israel (Jacob) will bow down to him (Genesis 37:10)All Israel will bow down to Him
(Romans 11:26)
10He was rebuked by his natural father (Genesis 37:10)He was rebuked by his mother and father at the temple (Luke 2:48)
11Joseph was cast into an empty pit (Genesis)Jesus was buried in an empty pit (Gospels)
12His father “observed the saying”
(Genesis 37:11)
His mother “pondered His saying”
(Luke 2:19,51)
13Sent on a mission to his brethren (Genesis 37:13-14)Sent to earth for His brethren
(Galatians 4:4-5)
14Sent to Shechem (meaning “Shoulder”) a worldly and wicked place
(Genesis 37:14)
Sent to the world, a wicked place
(John 3:16)
15Sent because his brothers may be lost (Genesis 37:14-15)Sent to seek and to save those which are lost (Luke 19:10)
16A plot to kill him when they see him from afar (Genesis 37:18)They plotted how they might kill Him (Matthew 21)
17They wanted to kill him for his prophetic dreams (Genesis 37:20)Crucified Him for the words He spoke from God (John 12:48)
18Rueben tries to appease his brothers (Genesis 37:21-22)Pilate tries to appease the Jews, Jesus’ brethren (John 19:11) [The word “brethren” is used for Jews]
19Rueben had to save him at the last minute (Genesis 37:21)Pilate tried to stop Jesus’ death until the last minute (John 19:4)
20He was stripped of his coat
(Genesis 37: 23)
He was stripped of his robe
(Matthew 27:28) Or…He was stripped of His clothes.
21He was cast into an empty pit
(Genesis 37:24)
He was placed into an empty tomb
(Mark 15:46)
22Put in pit, resurrected (taken out of the pit) then taken to Egypt (the gentile world)  Put in the grave, resurrected, then the gospel taken to the gentile world.
23They sat down after leaving him for dead (Genesis 37:25)They sat down after He was crucified (Matthew 27:36)
24They said; “He’s our brother and our flesh” (Genesis 37:27)“We’re members of His body, flesh and bones” (Ephesians 5:30)
25Betrayed and sold for pieces of silver (Genesis 37:28)Was betrayed and sold for pieces of silver (Matthew 26:15)
26Had his coat dipped in blood
(Genesis 37:31)
“Dressed in a robe dipped in blood” (Revelation 19:13, Isaiah 63:2)
27They lied about his death because he was alive (Genesis 37:32)They were paid to lie about Him, He was alive (Matthew 28:13-15)
28All things committed to him by his master (Genesis 39:8)All things committed to Jesus by His Father (Luke 10:22)
29Had his garments taken off
(Genesis 39:13)
Had his garments taken off (John 19-23)
30Was falsely accused (Genesis 39:14)Was falsely accused (Luke 23:14)
31Did not defend himself against the charges (Genesis 39:20)Did not defend himself against the charges (Matthew 27:12-14)
32Was given favor in the sight of God and man (Genesis 39:21)Was in in favor with God and man
(Luke 2:52)
33Was in prison next to two criminals (Genesis 40:3)Was on the cross with two criminals
(Luke 23:39-43)
34One prisoner perishes, one is saved (Genesis 40:13)One thief perishes, the other is saved (Luke 23:43)
35Foretells the raising up after three days (Genesis 40:13)Foretells His raising to life after three days (Matthew 16:21)
36Tells the cupbearer to remember him after he’s raised up (Genesis 40:14)Tells them to remember Him with the cup after He’s raised (Luke 22:19)
36Tells the cupbearer he’s done nothing to be put in the dungeon
(Genesis 40:15)
Pilate tells them He’s done nothing to be put on the cross (Luke 23:4)
37Two dreams with two elements: the cup and the bread (Genesis 40:16-17)Two elements at the last supper; the cup and the bread (Luke 22:17-19
38Was clothed in the right garments and brought to Pharaoh (Genesis 41:14)Clothes us in His righteousness when brought to Him (Galatians 3:27)
39Points to God as the only one with the interpretation (Genesis 41:16)Jesus always pointed to the Father for the glory (Matthew 5:16
40Prophetically reveals a seven-year famine (Genesis 41:27)Is prophetically revealed in the 7-year tribulation (Revelation 5:5)
41Was “a man in whom is the Spirit of God” (Genesis 41:37)Was given the Spirit of God without limitation (John 3:34)
42Went from the dungeon to the throne (Genesis 41:40)Went from the tomb to the throne (Revelation 5:1)
43Rode in the “second chariot” as they paid homage (Genesis 41:43)The “second Person” of the trinity, and we pay homage (Matthew 3:17)
44They were to bow their knee before him (Genesis 41:43)Every knee will bow to Him
(Philippians 2:10)
45Joseph was offered gifts, spices, and myrrh (Gen 43:11)Was offered gold, spices and myrrh (Matthew 2:11)
46Is given authority over all people in the land of Egypt (Genesis 41:43)Was granted authority over all people (John 17:2)
47No one could do anything without his permission (Genesis 41:44)Without Him we can do nothing
(John 15:5)
48Given a new name when he was raised up (Genesis 41:45)Given a new name at His ascension (Philippians 2:6-9, Revelation 3:12)
49TOOK AN EGYPTIAN BRIDE BEFORE THE 7-YEAR FAMINE (Genesis 41:45) A TYPE OF PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE. Takes His gentile bride before the 7- year tribulation (John 3:29). All redeemers (Joseph) were married first to a gentile before going back and rescuing the Jews. (ie: Moses)
50Was 30 years of age when he began his work (Genesis 41:46)Was 30 years of age when He began His ministry (Luke 3:23)
51Born sons come to him before the “7” year famine (Genesis 41:50): A TYPE OF PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTUREBorn again sons of God come to Him before the “7” year tribulation.
52Firstborn son named “forget”
(Genesis 41:51)
First born sinners but our sins are remembered no more (Psalm 203:12)
53Second born son named “fruitful” (Genesis 41:52)The second birth is fruit of righteousness through Him (Philippians 1:11)
54Pharaoh told them to do whatever he says to do (Genesis 41:55)Jesus’ mother told them to do whatever he says to do (John 2:5)
55Was the only bread of life source for the world physically (Genesis 41:57)Is the only source for the bread of life for the world spiritually (John 6:33)
56All who come to him will live and not die (Genesis 42:2)All who call upon Him will be saved (Romans 10:13)
57Brothers come to him in the midst of the famine (Genesis 42:2)Israel comes to Him in the midst of the tribulation (Daniel 9:27)
58His brothers bow down to him
(Genesis 42:6)
Israel, His brothers, will be saved and bow to Him (Romans 11:26)
59His brothers don’t recognize him (Genesis 42:8)His own didn’t recognize or receive Him (John 1:11)
60Brothers keep lying about his death (Genesis 42:13)Jews keep lying about his death and resurrection (Matthew 28:12-15)
61Brothers are released from prison on the third day (Gen 42:17)Jews will be restored on the third day (after 2,000 years) (Hosea 6:2
62Reuben said, “his blood is now required of us.” (Gen 42:22)They said “Let His blood be upon us.
(Matt 27:25)
62aThey stood before Him (Gen 43:15)They will stand before Him (Dan 11:16)
62bHis brothers delayed in coming to him (Gen 43:10)Israel delays coming to their true Messiah (Romans 11:26)
63 Desires to break bread with his brother in his home (Gen 43:16)Desires to break bread with us in His Kingdom ( Luke 22:16)
63aHas an animal slain to prepare for a feast (Genesis 43:16)An animal was slain to prepare for the Passover feast (Mark 15:12)
63bThe steward tells them, “Peace be with you, be not afraid (Genesis 43:23)At His ascension He said “Peace be with you.” (John 20:26)
64He is kind and gracious to his brothers in spite of their sins (Gen 43:29)While we were yet sinners Jesus died for us an He loved us (Romans 5:8)
65Weeps a second time (Genesis 43:31)Weeps two times
(John 11:35-Lazarus)
(Luke 19:41-Jerusalem)
65aThey looked in astonishment at each other because of him (Genesis 43:33)They were astonished with Him and marveled (Matthew 8:27)
66He serves his brothers (Gen 43:34)He washes his disciples feet (John 13:5)
67His cup was silver and would lead to their redemption (Gen 44:2)His cup was for redemption, of which silver is a picture (Exodus 35:25-28)
68Judah spoke as their advocate
(Genesis 44:18)
From the Lion of the tribe of Judah comes our advocate (I John 2:1)
69Judah offered himself as a substitution sacrifice (Gen 44:33) From Judah, Jesus offered Himself as a substitution sacrifice (Eph 5:20
70He reveals Himself to His Jewish brethren (the circumcision-cutting away from the worldliness). Joseph wept. Then he gives them the green pastures of Goshen. At the end of the 7 year tribulation (famine) Jesus reveals Himself to His brethren (the Jews). They see His piercing. He then gives them the millennium (pastures of Goshen)
71Joseph knows who they are, but they don’t know who Joseph is, he looks like an Egyptian. He does not reveal himself until they repented.Jesus knew them but they didn’t know who He was. He will not reveal Himself until they repent. Today, Jesus looks like a Christian to a Jew.
72He couldn’t refrain himself any longer and he cut the process short.
(Genesis 45:1)
For the sake of the elect , the days are cut short. (Matthew 24:22)
72aHe stops hiding himself when his brothers confess their sin
(Genesis 45:2)
He stops hiding His face when their is a confession of sins (Hosea 5:15)
73His brothers were dismayed when they looked at him (Genesis 45:3)His brothers will mourn when they look at Him (Zechariah 12:10)
He reveals himself to his brothers (Genesis 45:3)He will reveal Himself to Israel
(I Peter 1:20)
74He said , “come near to me”.
(Genesis 45:4)
He says “come unto me”
(Matthew 11:28)
75God had sent him to Egypt (symbolic of the world) to save. (Gen 45:5)Jesus was sent to the world to save.
(Luke 19:10)
76Jacob/Israel said, “my son is yet alive” (Gen 45:28)They said, “Jesus, the son is alive”
(Luke 24:23)
77Israel believed and said of Joseph, “It is enough” (Genesis 45:28)To all who believe, He says, “It is finished” (John 19:30)

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