Topic: Afterlife – Where Do You Go When You Die?

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See: The Rich Man and Lazarus in Luke Chapter 16

Souls of men are blue lights, both bad and good.

The universe separates God from men, like the veil in the temple which separates God in the Holy of Holies from men – until the veil was torn in two.

In the ground are coffins and skeletons.

Below the ground: Paradise is on the left. Torments is on the right.

A Great Chasm in the Center keeps the souls from crossing from one side to the other.

Both are Sheol “The Place of the Dead”

Before Jesus was resurrected, the righteous souls went to Paradise (Abraham’s Bosom) when they died but the unrighteous souls went to Torments.

When Jesus was resurrected He took the souls in Paradise with Him to the Father’s throne room and emptied Paradise.

Since then, when the righteous die they go directly to the throne room in heaven where they wait for the resurrection of their bodies.

A time will come when the righteous and the unrighteous will be resurrected.

The righteous will be reunited with their immortal bodies and be glorified.

The unrighteous will be judged and thrown into a “lake of fire”.

The righteous will live with God for the eternities.

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