Topic: A False Resurrection

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From Topic: A Projection of Events during the Tribulation and Jesus’ Return

The Antichrist is a clone, robot, AI, a computer and Satan.

DNA makes clones, Robots are being made by biological components, AI is made by programs, and Satan was made by God.

Hiroshi Ishiguro, a roboticist at Osaka University, in Japan, has, as you might expect, built many robots. But his latest aren’t run-of-the-mill automatons. Ishiguro’s recent creations look like normal people. One is an android version of a middle-aged family man—himself.

The commercial term nanometer refers to a new, improved generation of silicon semiconductor chips soon approaching the atomic level.
Robots are now being built, not from metallic components, but from biological components.
The Antichrist has the opportunity to have his memory downloaded into the computer that is also his brain.
His brain will be a server connected to and controlling armies of people who are connected to his computer brain.

To be continued…

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