BIBLE: Psalm Chapter 52 – Headline “A Green Olive Tree and a De-seated Tongue”

Words in italic type have been added for clarity. They are not found in the original Hebrew or Aramaic.

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Psalm 52

What should I learn from this chapter?

  • The parallel of Doeg the Edomite and the coming Antichrist.
  • The symbolic meaning of Green
  • The use of olive oil
  • The symbolic meaning of Tree
  • The identity of Ahimelech
  • The meaning of “desire”

Ahimelech was the 12th High Priest (beginning with Aaron), and officiated at Nob (the city of the priests), where he was visited by David (he gave David and his companions five loaves of the showbread) when David fled from Saul (1 Samuel 21:1–9). Ahimelech was summoned into Saul’s presence, and accused of disloyalty for assisting David, on the information of Doeg the Edomite. Then the king commanded that he, with the other priests who stood beside him, 86 in all, should be slain with his family. This sentence was carried into execution by Doeg in a cruel manner (1 Samuel 22:9–23).

See I Chronicles 24:3 According to Ahimelech

The End of the Wicked and the Peace of the Godly

To the Chief Musician. A Contemplation (Heb. Maschil) of David when Doeg the Edomite went and told Saul, and said to him, “David has gone to the house of Ahimelech.”

Psalm 52:1 Why do you boast in evil, O mighty man?
The goodness of God endures continually.
  • Doeg the Edomite is like the coming Antichrist.
Psalm 52:Your tongue devises destruction,
Like a sharp razor, working deceitfully.
Psalm 52:You love evil more than good,
Lying rather than speaking righteousness. Selah
Psalm 52:You love all devouring words, You deceitful tongue.
  • A deceitful tongue will be de-seated, by God.
  • There is a tribe in Africa which has no implements for cutting down a tree. Instead, they circle it and throw curses at it until it dies.
  • What curses are thrown at you? Go back into your memories and dig out a lie you bought into…a label…a name….a mark, something that crippled you throughout your life: Reject, Dumb Ass, Horrible Mother, Witch, Ho, Worthless, Failure, Sack of *** husband, Addict, Drunk, etc.
  • These are curses that will play over and over in your mind, be absorbed into your soul, disable you in life.
  • It’s NOT true that “sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt us.” Another lie….
  • It’s NOT true that “Time heals all wounds”. It records them, puts them on a tape and plays them over and over.
  • The cure comes from God who created you unique with special gifts which make you special; gifts not one other person has.
  • Man’s emotional pain comes from only one source: Satan’s lies. He wants to circle you, throw curses at you until you wither and die. Satan’s goal is to cut the cord of dignity that connects you to your Creator.
  • God has a medicinal concoction of pure Truth that heals. It is the Truth that sets men free from their emotional pain.
  • True North Truth is straight up. Straight up is your timeline. If you can visualize branches that sprouted away from Truth North at different times in your life. These are lies Satan told you and led you away from Truth.
  • It is possible to pull these old branches back by correcting them with Truth. The longer a lie lives, the greater the angle becomes away from God.
  • God can restore you. Your life can be free from lies. Jesus took our lies which kept us captive, and imprisoned them which had imprisoned us.
  • Hallelujah Jesus. No wonder we praise your Holy Name. You have elevated us. Psalm 23: You have prepared a banquet table for us in the presence of our enemies.
  • Give those curses to God. Put them on His Altar, dedicate your children to Him and HE WILL fix them, love others the way you want to be loved, and you will see that all things will be beautiful in its time. All worry, self-condemnation, and hopelessness will be turned into peace and emotional rest. Most of all, study God’s Word because it’s the weapon that destroys the lies of the devil.
  • Your eyes will be opened, you will see how valuable you are to Him. If you do, you will never be the same. I pray this will happen for everyone who reads this post because I believe this post is just for you.
Psalm 52:God (‘ēl) shall likewise destroy you forever;
He shall take you away, and pluck you out of your dwelling place,
And uproot you from the land of the living. Selah
  • God has the power to uproot the unrighteous, like the greatest of trees, the California Red Woods, and throw the unrighteous, the Antichrist, and Satan, into the bonfire of the black heavens; the Lake of Fire.
Psalm 52:The righteous also shall see and fear, and shall laugh at him, saying,
Psalm 52:“Here is the man who did not make God (‘ĕlōhîm) his strength,
But trusted in the abundance of his riches,
And strengthened himself in his wickedness (Lit. desire, in evil sense).”
  • Literally, his wickedness is his “chasm of destruction”, a deep pit, the grave, hell.
    His desire for evil causes the waters (of people) around him to boil.
    Scripture says Satan, in the form of a reptilian sea monster called the Leviathan, causes the waters of people to boil :
    Job 41:31 He makes the deep boil like a pot;
    34 He beholds every high thing; He is king over all the children of pride.”
  • They all shall speak and say to you (king of Babylon, metaphorical for the Antichrist indwelt by Satan): ‘Have you also become as weak as we? Have you become like us? Isaiah 14:10
Psalm 52:But (the flipside is…) I am like a green olive tree in the house of God (‘ĕlōhîm);
I trust in the mercy of God (‘ĕlōhîm) forever and ever.

Green is the color of life.
Olive means anointed.
A tree is symbolic of a man.
David, like Jesus, is a living anointed man of God.

Jesus prayed in an olive garden, He was pressed into olive oil, and He poured out His soul unto death. Satan was the mill stone who rolled over Him.

Psalm 52:I will praise You forever,
Because You have done it;
And in the presence of Your saints
I will wait on Your name, for it is good (Or has a good reputation).

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