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Dateline of Daniel in Babylon:

YearJudah’s KingBabylon’s KingNotesEvents
605 BCJehoiakim’s 3rd Yr of his puppet kingship.Nabopolaer and NebuchadnezzerDaniel is ~15 yrs old.Jerusalem under siege. Daniel taken hostage
603 BCJehoiakim is now a Babylonian vassal king.Nebuchadnezzar2nd Year of Babylon’s rule.Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s dream
598 BCJehoiakim killed: Thrown over wall.NebuchadnezzarJehoiakim, king of Judah is killed: Thrown over wall. He is replaced by his brother Jehoiachin.
597 BCJehoachin taken captiveNebuchadnezzerKing Jehoachin, Ezekiel, Esther’s progenitor Kish, and 10,000 others taken captive. Jehoachin is replace by his brother or uncle Zedekiah.
593 BCZedekiahNebuchadnezzarEzekiel’s Call as Prophet
588 BCZedekiahNebuchadnezzarThe Babylonians briefly abandon their siege in order to deal with Hophra at the border of Judah.Zedekiah puts Jeremiah in prison to shut him up, but he is eventually rescued.
587 BCZedekiah is blinded and taken captive.NebuchadnezzarPharaoh Hophra has reigned about 7 monthsJerusalem is destroyed. Rest of the population taken into captivity.
562 BCThere is no king in JudahNebuchadnezzar dies: Evil-Merodach (“Amel-Marduk”) succeeds Nebuchadnezzar as king of Babylon, Evil Merodach Releases the exiled king Jechoiachin, though Jechoiachin does not return to Palestine.
560 BCNeriglissar murders his brother-in-law Evil-Merodach and takes over the kingdom. Neriglissar begins his 4 year reignAs a young military man under Nebuchadnezzar, Neriglissar had been one of those sent to release Jeremiah from prison. (Jer 39:13-14).
550 BCJerusalem is now desolate
539 BCBelshazzar/CyrusLast year of Babylon’s rule. Daniel is ~70 years old.Cyrus conquers Babylon. Darius takes the kingdom and is 62 yrs old.
605 BC to 539 BC From Daniel Taken Hostage to Cyrus Taking Babylon


Ezekiel’s Dated Visions From Ezekiel 30:20

Daniel’s Dateline



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