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The Thigh is the root or base.

The Menorah is the “family tree” of Jesus and His Saints – where Jesus is the Base (the Thigh), the Root of Salvation.

Jesus as the Thigh:

The thigh is a place where an oath is made, the oath which God swore from the foundation of the earth and is now being fulfilled by Jesus:

When loins are discussed, its as though their descendants already exit. They become witnesses to the oath.

The Hebrew word for “thigh” is “Yerech” (base)
The loins are the base (the root) and the branches are the descendants as on a family tree.

On the menorah, the loins ie base, has 3 legs (the Godhead), the center stem is Jesus, and believers are the branches.

In an oath, it means, “If you don’t keep this oath, my descendants will come and get you.”- and now, in Rev 19 it is happening: Jesus is the Kinsman Redeemer whose job it is to take vengeance on the unrighteous. Jesus is the base (thigh) from which mankind springs as well as the descendant who fulfills His own oath. It was decided, and now, in Rev 19, it is done.

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