Pop-Up Topic: “The Letter Hey in the Hebrew Alphabet”

From Ezekiel Chapter 35

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Ezekiel 35:3 “Behold, Mount Seir, I Am Against You”

  • Take note that the singular word for both “behold” and “I” is “hen”.
    • hēn (behold!) har (mount) śēʿîr (Seir), hēn (I am) ‘ēl (against you)
  • “I” in “I am against you” is the Hebrew word “hen” which is also the letter “h” or “hey” in the Hebrew alphabet and which means “Behold”.
    • The letter “h” is the letter added to Abram and Sarai’s name when God pronounced they would have a child in their barren old age.
      • The Hebrew letter “h” is surrounded by the supernatural in miracles, and is part of God’s name translated “Yehova”, which literally means “Behold my nail, Behold my hand”.

        or in the ancient writing:


When God is saying “I”, He is saying “BEHOLD! I AM …!” (An Everlasting God of Miracles)

The letter “h” may be the most important singular letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

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