12 TOPIC: Do You See What I See? [page 12] (The Mark of the Beast)

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Welcome to a better, easier, safer, more comfortable society. It’s right on our threshold.

Imagine this…conversations that might be had in the future.

“I’m exhausted keeping track of my bank accounts, worrying about hacks and scams. Imagine…now it is digital in my chip, not a microchip-a “bio”chip. Wow! It even tags and organizes all my tax deductions. This is a great turn into a brighter future. As a husband this really helps my life.”

“I’m a mother. There is nothing more terrifying to me than my child getting lost in the woods or snatched into a human slave market. I’m finally free to relax. My children are all bio-chipped. I watch the news, and traffickers are being arrested while children are returned to their parents. Finally, there is a law in this lawless society.”

“The stress has been overwhelming by the demands of the company. At least now I don’t have to always be keeping track of my lanyard, car keys, passwords, or have a keyboard in front of me. My car doors open for me when I approach the car. My wife loves it when she has her arms full of groceries and the kids running around her like ankle gnats. At work my work screens come up automatically, then I just talk to the computer to get my work done. Amazing isn’t it?”

“KIdney Dialysis, Diabetes, everything is being monitored by my bio-chip. All my health records are in it. I don’t have to fill out paper work when I go into the hospital, and the ambulance already knew all my issues when they were alerted that I had passed out, they found me on the floor and rushed me to ER. I’m so grateful”.

“As a soldier, and this is amazing… the military has downloaded programs into the biochip in my head that I can access and use in combat; maps, data, and control over external equipment such as well as my exoskeleton for carrying large loads as well as the protection of a shield and my personal drone. My family jokes that I am a cyborg. But there are rumors that we will all be connected to a central server computer with ever more amazing capabilities such as talking to one another from chip to chip and never saying a word.”

Wow! what a great world! (or is it?)

“As a Muslim I read Hizballah – In the Name of Allah! War against the Jews! In the original Greek they are three Greek letters, not numbers – but the translators gave the three letters their numerical equivalent. I think the mark of the beast is both a computer chip and a message. (A double meaning).”

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