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The Roman Empire

In God’s eyes Rome, signified as iron on Nebuchadnezzar’s statue, changed on the day of Eleusis, a significant day to the Jews. Rome and the King of the North (Syria) had a confrontation which caused Antiochus IV (the Syrian king) to relinquish his power resulting in removing his madman antics toward the Jews. That was the day the Torso of Bronze on Nebuchadnezzar’s statue became the thighs and legs of iron. Iron symbolizes Rome. However; at the end of this kingdom (Rome), it morphs into the feet (and toes) of iron mixed with clay.

  • Note: Bronze was the influence of Alexander the Great’s kingdom. After his death it was ruled by his generals one of which was the King of Syria, Antiochus IV who ruled over the Jews in the mideast

During Jesus’ time Rome was ruled by the Caesars, then it became the Holy Roman Empire ruled by the Holy Roman Emperors. The last official Holy Roman Emperor died in 2016, Otto Von Hapsburg. As of today the titular title belongs to the current pope, Pope Francis.

Therefore; according to scripture, we are still in the Roman Empire period and there is no “Revived Roman Empire”.

Something has emerged which no one sees and no one notices, not even the media even though it is an enormous global influence affecting world wide politics and directing the direction of kings, most significantly, replacing the United States as a world power.

The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 in Rome, Italy; a nonprofit, informal organization of intellectuals and business leaders whose goal is a critical discussion of pressing global issues. They began by pursuing limits to human population growth affecting the planet before shifting to Global “Equity” for a Healthy Planet:

  • The motives of the Club of Rome (acronym: “COR”) are admirable. The COR wants to save the earth due to man’s mismanagement: annihilation of animal species, destructive weather patterns, a polluted ocean destroying fish and marine animals, an atmosphere filled with chemicals, smog, radioactivity causing the destruction of the ozone layer, as well as issues of famine, terrorism and safety.

    All of which sounds like a “One World Government”.

    No one can argue man is indeed destroying his own planet:

    The nations were angry, and Your wrath has come, And the time of the dead, that they should be judged, And that You should reward Your servants the prophets and the saints, And those who fear Your name, small and great, And should destroy those who destroy the earth.” Revelation 11:18
  • Unfortunately; the Club of Rome does not recognize “saving the earth” involves the Creator of the Universe, nor that doing it on their own only destroys the earth even more with their non-moral and anti-God agenda. To save the earth, one cannot ignore man’s sin nature needing laws, consequences, and boundaries.
  • Some of the phrases they use are appearing in American politics: “Redistribution of Wealth”, “Carbon Footprint”, and “It takes a Village to Raise a Child” (it takes the government to teach the children through the public school system). They state part of their agenda is to re-socialize and re-educate children.
  • With their “Green Agenda”, they believe man should not be able to “own” earth (property). In many countries, the house belongs to the people but the land belongs to the government. Recently, the current pope issued a dictum saying that there is nothing in scripture affirming men should be allowed to own land. On the other hand, the government IS the people and to my mind this makes their logic self serving.

Anyone who is anyone belongs to this global club: the movers and shakers, politicians, rich, famous, athletic, and entertainers. And yet…you never hear about them in the news, until recently…

It is astounding to me that any organization so powerful, so global, and with so much influence is not even mentioned in the news, neither conservative nor liberal, although surprisingly it did show up in one place … The Independent Australian.


Quoted in this article:
The founders of the Club are: Aurelio Peccei, Alexander King, and David Rockefeller.

The COR concludes that If the USA is going to capitulate to their agenda, then they must select a presidential candidate who will fulfill the Club of Rome’s goals.

I recently heard a TV celebrity mentioning the name of one man who became president of the USA voicing that he was the man that they had been looking for, indicating he had been “selected”, not “elected” of the U.S. So, what did the Club of Rome’s website indicate? It pictured the face of this President with the word “HOPE” in large letters headlining the picture.

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