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Isaiah is one of the most commonly quoted prophets in Christian churches. He is also one of the most examined and debated prophets in the Old Testament. Scholars have repeatedly picked apart Isaiah’s prophetic writings and, surprise surprise, begun questioning whether a person named Isaiah ever wrote them. Instead, it was theorized that the book of Isaiah was written after the events that were “foretold” by a variety of people who simply used Isaiah’s name.

Once again, archaeology threw something of a monkey wrench into that theory when excavations in Israel uncovered a seal that bore the name “Isaiah” only 10 feet away from another seal that belonged to King Hezekiah. In the Bible, Isaiah was listed as being Hezekiah’s advisor, so it makes sense that their seals would be found together. To give even further credence to the theory that the seal belonged to none other than the biblical Isaiah, the name “Isaiah” was followed by the Hebrew letters “nvy.” “Nvy” are the first three letters of the ancient Hebrew word spelled nun-bet-yod-alef. This word, pronounced “navi,” means “prophet.”

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