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LAW (reveals sin, brings a curse)GRACE (overcomes sin, brings a blessing)
Jewish (with Gentile Exceptions)Gentile (with Jewish Exceptions)
BondageRedemption: Freedom
Egypt (root meaning:A Narrow Place, Captivity)Yeshua (root meaning: Salvation, An open place, freedom)
Hagar: The son of the lawSarah: The son of promise
Rachel: barrenLeah: fruitful
Rich Man: word, promises, prophets, messiah-in torments.Lazarus: graphed into Abraham’s bosom.
Sacrifice of AnimalsSacrifice of Jesus
Old Wine skinNew Wine skin
Old Covenant (Testament)New Covenant (Testament)
Mount Sinai: Ten CommandmentsPentecost: Giving of Tongues (Spirit)
Covered by Sacrifices of Animals looking to the futureCovered by THE Sacrifice of Jesus looking to the past
Ark (Lit: coffin/tomb) of the Covenant with the LawCoffin/tomb of the Covenant with the body of Jesus
BondwomanFree woman
Accuses (Satan)Redeems (Jesus)
A TutorA Son
Separated with a veilNearness
Temple made of StoneTemple made of Flesh
Works of DutyWorks of Love
Law is PerfectGrace is Loving
Oldness of the LetterNewness of Spirit
Law and Grace

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