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Joseph, Jesus, and the World
Rachel and Leah : Jacob’s Two Wives

Jacob and Joseph Symbolism

EgyptWorld, worldliness, deathGen 37:28,36
PitGraveGen 37:20
Empty PitEmpty tombGen 37:24
BowCovenantGen 37:3
Rainbow (Joseph’s Coat)JesusGen 37:3 (See Genesis 9)
Goat SacrificedRedemption, atonementGen 37:31
Jacob (of the flesh)“a heel”, a manipulator, a supplanterGen 37:11
Israel (of the Spirit)“prevail,” “have power as a prince”Gen 37:3
Tunic, coatA covering, the glory of a person, dignityGen 37:32
Wild beastEvil beast, SatanGen 37:20
Pieces of silverThe price of a lifeGen 37:28
DothanDouble minded: “two choices”Gen 37:17
Gilead“hill of testimony” “mound of witnesses”Gen 37:25
A SheafJoseph’s sheaf is a First Fruit Gen 37:7
Hebron “Binding Friendship”Gen 37:14
Shechem“Absolute Authority” “Shoulder”Gen 37:14
  • Rachel and Leah (unfinished)

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